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1950 - Part 1

Display at Reserve Armory, Oklahoma City ~ Jan - Feb 1950

Purpose: To provide a weather equipment display for Army Reserve Units.

AN/GMD-1 and SCR-658 display

M/Sgt Plomb explaining facsimile operations to reserve officers

Cpt Knebel explaining the SCR-658 to reserve officers

Reserve officers inspecting the AN/GMD-1

Exercise "Portrex", Viques Island, Puerto Rico ~ March - April 1950

Purpose: Establish a weather station for 24 hour forecasting and observations in support of Exercise Portrex.

Weather station, inflation shelter and wind equipment

Ready to take a pibal

Display board in weather station

1st Lt Jack McDonald, weather officer

Inside weather station

Exercise "Swarmer", Congaree Air Base, SC - Maxton Airfield, NC and Camp Mackall, NC ~ Apr - May 1950

Purpose: Provide 24 hour forecasting and weather support to joint Air Force and Army maneuvers in Exercise "Swarmer"

Sequence display board

Camp Mackall Airstrip weather display board

Hydrogen generators

Communications equipment

Facsimile machine in JOC weather central

MATS Birthday Celebration, Andrews AFB, MD ~ Jun 1950

Purpose: To provide a type "G" weather station and a type "R" weather section display at the MATS birthday celebration.

Radio set SCR-658 on display

Inflation shelter and balloon on display

Mobile weather squadron vans on display

Theodolite ML-47 on display

AN/CRD1 on display

Head -on accident with lumber truck near Chattanooga, TN on return from MASTS Birthday display

Dow AFB, ME ~ Jul 1950

Purpose: Provide weather support to the 101st ANG Group in transport of F-84s to from Dow AFB and Otis AFB to Goose Bay, Labrador.

Briefing of jet pilots

F-84s on take off at Dow AFB

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