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1951 - Part 2

Joint U.S. Weather Bureau, Navy and Air Weather Service Rawinsonde Tests, Will Rogers Airport, OKC, OK ~ Jun 1951

Purpose: To compare performance of the various rawinsonde flight instruments in current use by the three agencies.

View of Air Force station with Rawin Set AN/GMD-1, weather vans, trailers pressure chamber and instrument chamber

Maj Jesse Miller, Project Officer for AWS  and Sgt Marvin Shore make a pre-release check

CWO R Whiting and Chief Aerographer's Mate F McCayhey Navy representatives tying instrument in flight train

Mr Rockne and Mr Hafer tie Weather Bureau instrument to train

S/Sgt Sanders, T/Sgt Lyle Cpl Womack and Sgt Shore tie the rawinsonde to flight train

Sgt Marvin Shore placing the instrument in pressure chamber for baseline check

Mr V Rockne, USWB responsible for project coordination makes a pre-release check

S/Sgt Sanders, Mr L Hafer, T/Sgt Lyle, Aerographer Mate McCayhey and Cpl Womack shown with two balloon train

Release of the combined flight train was tricky

Sgt Royce Sanders operates recorder in van

Exercise "Southern Pine", Joint Army - Air Force Training Maneuvers, Fort Bragg - Camp Mackall - Maxton Air Base, and New Hanover County Airport, NC ~ Jul - Sep 1951

Purpose: Provide exercise weather support with 2 - 24 hour forecasting units and 2 -24 hour forecasting and observing units.

News clippings on 2060th participation in  Exercise "Southern Pine"

Sgt James Meloche, observer at "US" joint operations center at Fort Bragg, at fax inside K-53 van

Maj Joseph Carpentier, Det Cmdr, Det 2060-12L, "Aggressor" Joint Operations Center, briefs Sr Air Controller

Sgt Andrew Shropshire Jr attends faxcimile equipment while Sgt Jimmy Mitchell takes weather sequence from teletype

Cpt Jack McDonald, Det Cmdr 2060th-13L, at "bombed-out" shelter which housed his unit's packaged weather station

WOJG George Mitchel, Forecaster drawing map in Det 12L forecaster van at Camp Mackall, NC

View of Det 11L's station at Maxton Air Base

Hangar at Maxton Air Base where Det 11L's packaged weather station was set up

Lt Col Charles Vaugh, Staff Weather Officer briefs air and ground officers on latest weather conditions

Maj Frederick Tuttle, Det Cmdr, Det 10L conducts weather briefing at "US" Joint Operations Center

View of Det 11L's station set up in hangar at Maxton Air Base

View of 2060th's Training Site at Tinker AFB, OK in preparation for "Southern Pine"

2060th convoy at Tinker AFB during training operations for Exercise "Southern Pine"

Det 11-L boards aircraft at Tinker AFB for airlift to "Southern Pine" maneuver area

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