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" Operation Rawijet"  Salton Sea Test Base, Westmoreland, CA ~ Jan - May 1954

Purpose: Compare AN/GMD-1A equipment against 584 Radar Equipment and Photographic Theodolites to determine the accuracy of GMD equipment; and to make extensive detailed study of upper winds to determine if winds between 30 and 60 thousand feet vary in division or intensity under different atmospheric conditions and if detected fluctuations could be accurately determined and forecast by application of a set formula under specific atmospheric conditions.

"Operation Tacair and Box Kite" ~ North Airfield, North, South Carolina ~ Apr - May 1954

Purpose: Support 3rd Weather Squadron by establishing a tactical weather station and provide 24 hour weather observing and forecasting for the 21st Fighter Bomber Wing and other units.

Helicopter launching location

Taking a surface observation

Base Operations Section

Base Weather Section

United States Military Academy Cadet Project, Maxwell AFB, AL ~ Jun 1954

Purpose: The USMA Indoctrination Course was to acquaint the Academy Cadets with all the different phases of the Air Force operations. Detachment 13 demonstrated mobile weather operations to the USMA Cadets.

USMA Cadets operating theodolites

USMA Cadets being briefed on use of instrument shelter

Display site

Mobile Forecasting Observing Section

AN/GMD-1A display site

Hydrogen Generator and Inflation Shelter display

Briefing Cadets on operation of AN/GMD-1A

Weather Display for 9815th ARS ~ Tinker AFB, OK ~ Aug 1954

Purpose: Provide the 9815th Air Refueling Squadron from Abilene, TX with a display and demonstration of a mobile forecasting observing unit and upper air observer unit.

Display site at Tinker AFB

Jamesway and vehicles

AN/GMD-1A and vehicles display

6-BY, generator and inflation shelter at display site

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