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1956 - Part 2

 (Continued from Part 1) " Operation Redwing JTF-7"  Eniwetok Area of the Pacific,  ~ 1956

Purpose: Provide ground and upper air weather support for thermonuclear weapons testing.

Test of 360 kiloton "Mohawk" 2 July 1956 Eberiru Island, Eniwetok Atoll

Fuel was requisitioned for Ponape through the 4930th Support group (test)

Enewitok Island - A Jamesway shelter was erected for the 7 WREP HQ airmen

AN/CPS-9 radar was furnished by 1st Weather Wing and operational by Feb 1956

Team at Tarawa was issued a DUKW for meeting land-based aircraft

Operations center at Kapingamarangi was reduced to 4 runs daily

Kapingamarangi had trouble getting adequate balloon altitudes when rain was in area

Kapingamarangi and Kusaie teams used outrigger canoes on several occasions

 Wind through the open power building caused problems with the distillation unit

AN/URN-5 homing beacons were installed prior to the Operational Phase, this one at Kapingmaringi

SCR-399 communications consisting of 2 BC-610 transmitters & 2 SP-600 receivers

Communications section at Tarawa. Personnel became integral members of the team

Direct teletype from Weather Central to Eniwetok station was provided

A good portion of the element's workload was in support of inter-atoll airlift by C-54s of the 1370th APCS

Search and Rescue was provided with  SA-16 aircraft with the RON at Ponape w/some overnights at Kapingamaringi

17 C-54 flights to Tarawa transported 26,840 pounds of cargo and many passengers to the weather camp

Helpers were hired at Kapingmaringi for jobs which weather personnel could not perform

Because of the airstrip at Tarawa, the weather camp had many more visitors than other stations

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