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 Dave A. Weiner

    6th Weather Squadron (Mobile)  1960 - 1963

I enlisted on 3 Dec.1959 went through basic, we were shipped out early just after 1 Jan. to be at Chanute to start school.  We didn't have the graduation etc. at Lackland, didn't even get the AF pictures in our blues.  I finished school, went home to Wisconsin for a 15 day leave and reported to Tinker.First project 9-60 to 11-60 Wendover, Utah. Clifford T. Jones NCOIC  We were deployed to Lake Side test site.  We lived in some old Barracks that had been drug in from? they sat up on cement blocks on the corners, bathed in a bucket from a water trailer.
Upon return, I volunteered for a mission with Staff Sgt. Billie Lassiter from the motor pool.  We took a  Tactical Tractor from our motor pool, picked up 40 Ft helium trailers from a plant in TX and delivered them to the Tornado Alley sites.

January 1961 Tornado alley, trained at south 40, I was on a team with Tsgt Paul Hardy, NCOIC,
Left Tinker for Ellington AFB, TX Jan., stayed in BOQ , just accross the parade ground from the NCO club for the duration until late May. Tinker resupply then to Goodkand KS  (full per diem $14/day) We rented a house from Edna Eversole, a bankers widow.  We almost got kicked out for making loud noises late at night and PW falling down the basement steps and disrupting all of the laundry tubs! Tooley and I saved the day, we trimmed all of her shrubs about 100' of overgrown bridal wreath.... did such a neat job that the mayor cam over to thank us!! We kept Hardy quiet after that...but Ted and I had some problems with noisy girls as I recall... but just kept kissing up and trimming the hedge.  Mrs. Eversole kept us in fresh bread. Tooley and I got promoted to A2C... notified by telegram from Lt. Col.David C. Barrow,
Acting commander.. After Col Pusan and Before Lt. Col. Mosely.

TSGT Ron Manning,
SSGTAnthony Arno, Shift Chief
SSGT Bill Riddle, Shift Chief
A1C  Harold Maille                                           
A2 C Ted Tooley
A2C  Dave Weiner
TSGT.Bud Baine, Technican (Red)
Manning got fired at Goodland and was sent back...don't remember the particulars.

After return from Goodland, I took my 5 level, then started teaching in the Squadron classroom and doing squadron art work and sign painting (at the base sign shop).  Got home for Christmas that year and came back in January to form up for deployment to Operation Dominic...NCOIC MSGT  Kenneth Benson (A retrainee...aircraft mechanic)  We all worked at S40 training the "retreads", Benson, Schullenburg, Ken Brown, and?  Interesting, we trained them and they wrote our APR's... what an idea!!



































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Son D.J. Weiner promotion to Staff Sergeant

Son Matt Weiner promotion to Senior Airman

Matt on Thanksgiving 2007





















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