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Our Links

Here are our links to many 6WSAA Members, Weather and Air Force associated web sites. If you are a 6WSAA member and have a website, e-mail your site URL so we can link it here.

Click on the underlined name or picture to go to that website:

  • Gerry's Air Force Days
    • Gerry's collection of memories and pictures of his Air Force Days '59 to '67.
      • Includes pictures of Tinker AFB, Wright Paterson AFB, Lowry AFB, Malden Island, Rarotonga, Port Moresby & Wewak, New Guinea.
  • Aerial Survey & Photo Mapping History
    • Includes the 1370th Photo Mapping Wing, MATS and all the Aerial Survey Teams ASTs.
      • Also pictures on AST#7 Port Moresby and much more.
  • Air Weather Association
    • Web site for the nonprofit, all volunteer association of past and present members of US Air Force Weather units including ANG, USAFR and US Army Air Corps units.
  • Air Weather Association / Air Weather Service & AF Weather Association History
    •  Web site for the AWS/AFWA History compiled by the AFWA Historian is presented here.
      • Over 120 photographs from WW II and before.  Many illustrate pieces of weather equipment.
  • Air Force Weather
    • Site that provides info about Air Force weather who's mission is providing weather and space environment information, products and services to the Nation's combat forces.
      • It also publishes the Observer Magazine.
  • Air Weather Reconnaissance Association
    • Find out what Air Weather Recon is doing and keep up with what's in that field and read their Monthly Newsletter.
      • You might even see one of our members in their reunion photos.
  • Dan's Weather Museum
    • Pictures of various weather equipment including observing, radar, upper air, tactical.
      • Also pictures of Chanute AFB and Offutt AFB.
  • Christmas Island Nuclear Bomb Tests
    • Description and pictures of Nuclear Tests conducted at Christmas Island starting with the British tests named Grapple starting in 1956, thru the U.S.A. tests Operation Dominic in 1962 and British closing site in 1964.
      • The page was created by Jane Resture and is well written with a great selection of pictures.
  • Air Force Link
    • All about what's happening in the Air Force today, all the latest news.
  • Air Force Association
    • The Air Force Association is an independent, nonprofit, civilian organization that promotes public understanding of aerospace power and the role it plays in the security of the nation.
      • It also publishes the Air Force Magazine.
  • Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson AFB
    • The National Museum of the US Air Force portrays the history and traditions of the United States Air Force through specialized displays and exhibition of historical items.
  • Air Force Museum Virtual Tour
    • The National Museum of the US Air Force in a virtual tour format.
  • Air Force Crossroads
    • The official community website of the US Air Force.
  • National Weather Association
    • The National Weather Association is a professional nonprofit association, mainly to serve individuals interested in operational meteorology and related activities.
  • USAF BMT Flight Photo Project
    • The In order for this project to be a success we need your help obtaining BMT flight photos.  If you do not see your flight photo on the website that
      means we probably have not received it so if you have it PLEASE get it to us.  All BMT Flight Photo Project inquiries can be sent to:
      • Info Message Line:  210-671-2248;   Email: Lacklandbmt.photo@lackland.af.mil 
        POC: 37th TRW/HO
                1650 Carswell Ave.
                Lackland AFB, TX  78236-5155
  • Air Show Journal
    • Great air show and shuttle pictures to look at or to buy. Lots of nice aircraft of all sorts. Take a look.



    Links or references to individuals, sites or companies does not constitute an endorsement of any information, product or service you may receive from such sources. 6WSAA Webmaster

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