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Nick Powell - 4 January 2018

Very nice Website.  I was in the AF and ANG from 1973 until retirement in 1996.  Had the distinct pleasure of being a Weather Observer, Weather Forecaster (Chanute days – oh what fun!), Weather Officer (BS Meteorology San Jose State), and Advanced Degree Weather Officer (MS Atmospheric Science Colorado State University – Thank you AFIT!).  Always wanted an assignment to the 6th Mob after working with Sam Simmons at Siegenberg Range in Germany (1975-1976) but never got one.  Assignments: Ramstein, Siegenberg Range, Rickenbacker, Van Nuys ANGB, Hayward ANGB (Radio Ops – ran the HF weather intercept section), Tinker AFB BWS, Cheyenne Mtn, Peterson AFB, Hickam AFB, and Shriever AFB (Falcon AFB) – No Offutt, Scott, or Pentagon assignment, amazing.  Had a pretty good career and met some great people along the way and would do it again.  I work a lot with Charlie French for you old timers (as I reflect on my age and think about over 45 years in the business LOL).  Anyway, glad I stumbled across the site.  I’ll spend more time looking at in the weeks ahead. Cheers

Rev William Ferguson - 18 August 2017

Assigned 6th Wea, 1971-1973, then Xfrd RAF Lakenheath, 48TFS/DOX, 1973-1978. I rather enjoyed my time in the 6th Mob. Only one TDY though, Ordway, CO. Beautiful spot. On a clear day.... I served with some great men there. The man in charge was CMSGt. Joe Dragony, one of two men I knew, who absolutely deserved the appellation, "Chief!". Of course there were others, but not known to me. I am now 79 years old, and Agent Orange is really having its way with my little pink body. Of the 14 men in my 8 man tent, I believe that I alone am left. My best friends in the entire world. I thank God for having known them!
I am, The Rev William Ferguson, Lake San Marcos, CA

Ed Flenz - 24 May 2015

Hello, I just discovered your “Sixth Mob” web site, and I think I can help identify a few more people in the Tinker Flight photo. I and most of my rawinsonde class from Chanute arrived at Tinker in Aug 1967. I was on Tinker Flight most of 1968, up to my departure for Thule in Mar 1969. I almost went on a project to Brazil in Jul 1968, but the project was cancelled before it began. I found a copy of the Tinker Flight picture in my own files, but there were no names on the back. I believe it was taken sometime in the latter part of 1968. Below are some other names that I can indentify. By the way, I don’t remember O’Halloran and McDonald being called the “gold dust twins”. Memory isn’t what it used to be. Tinker Flight Photo: Left Group, L to R: unkn, TSgt Kerwin, unkn, unkn, A1C Bob Chapman (a Chanute classmate), A1C Ed Flenz (me); Right Group, L to R: A1C Pete Mills (a Chanute classmate), A1C O’Halloran, unkn, A1C John Bright, unkn, A1C Ron McDonald (I went to Thule with him in 1969.), unkn, MSgt Rudy Villareal. Here is a list of Tinker Flight personnel from a Letter of Appreciation dated 13 June 1968 and signed by Capt. David K. Douglas, Operations Officer. The letter was issued shortly after we moved into the building behind us in the picture (Bldg 1108). That may have been when the picture was taken. My memory won’t let me match up the rest of the names with other faces in the photograph. Maybe someone else can: SSgt Gilbert A. Brown, SSgt Albert G. Larson, SSgt George W. Swickheimer, SSgt George F. Tise II, Sgt Bruno F. Niewinski Jr., A1C Dale W. Bargsten, A1C John L. Bright Jr., A1C Raymond W. Duda (also went to Thule), A1C Edward R. Flenz, A1C Peter B. Mills, A1C Paul L. Sauk Jr..  Ed Flenz Superior, WI

Ron Doyle - 25 March 2015

Maintenance 1969 - 1972

Donald Jones - 28 January 2015

My name is Donald Jones and I was a member of 6th Weather from 1954 to 1957. My first two assignments was under the leadership of NCOIC Jim Eldringhoff to Moody AFB Georgia and then to Huron South Dakota. I was at Smoky Hill AFB with Ted Lungwitz in 1955 also with the late Patrick Ianelli. And in 1955 I was at Altus AFB, Oklahoma with the late Robert Cherry. Also at Smoky Hill was the late Dominick Piscatelli. In 1955-56 I was at Laughlin AFB Texas for 13 months as this was operated all year and Louis Holtkamp was here. I found these names on the member’s list or on the memorial site. Col Barney was CO when I arrived at Tinker and Tom Rule was 1st Sgt. They made a surprise visit to the Huron site and found the three men on duty out of uniform with civilian shoes and socks on. Delayed my promotion for about a year and at the Christmas party in 1955 told me I won’t wear argyle socks any more. I was honored to attend the wedding of Jim and Shirley Eldringhoff. Sorry that I am unable to attend reunions because of financial and health reasons. God bless you all. Shalom, Donald Jones.

Jose "Aries" Arias, Jr. - 9 July 2014

Hello, found this site while going thru "service memory" searches I was assigned to the Weather Maint. Squadron and Base Weather between 1975 thru 1978. Spent the first year of service at Chanute AFB for technical school. I enjoyed my time in the USAF and work at Tinker. Made many friends: Richard Torres, Charles Agnello, George Kirkpatrick, Janet Johnson, Larry Flogauh, Niel Patraw, and many more that take up too much time. I would enjoy contact with anyone that might remember me.

Al Domenech - 31 August 2013

Hello again! I first wrote the website in January of this year and stated that someday I would have time to tell you about my experience with 6th Mobile WS in Independence, CA between Oct. 1951 and April 1952. It was a secret project (really not so secret) that consisted of 14 weathermen led by Lt. Roy McCissack and a Lt. Ross (cannot remember his first name) and  consisted of TSG "Woody" Woodward, "Curly" Turner and others that I try to remember. We were tracking glider planes over the Sierras to measure the pressure at different altitudes and to find out why planes were crashing into mountains. The civilian director was Dr. Joachim Keutner from MIT who was an avid glider pilot and along with Larry Edgar of Southern California Glider Club broke the then wordl's record for a two-seater glider at 46,000 odd feet. That was after a young Norwegian physicist broke the single-seater record on Dec. 20 or 21, 1951 of 44,000 but did not survive the flight as he ran out of oxygen and was found the following day at Big Pine just north of Independence. We had a great time off duty, the usual "Peyton Place" scenario between the military and civilians but no one was hurt. As a matter of fact, Lt. Ross married a local girl, but after getting out of the service he died in an airplane crash. I know this because i returned in 1990 to Independence looking up those folks. As a side note, I don't know if anyone remembers Sgt. Bob Eagle, from Arkansas who was also a car dealer. One of the nicest gents I ever met. I also met the oldest cowboy in CA (maybe), His name was Ed Thistlethaite and he is the artist who painted the Borax Mule Team of the Mohave Desert. This painting hung in the Old Lone Pine Hotel and after the building was turned into various shops the painting disappeared. A good detective could find it I suppose. Thanks again for letting me share this with you. Hopefully these gentlemen are still around, but if not...RIP.  Al Domenech Sr

Judy Wilson - 20 March 2013

My father T/Sgt Harry Wilson can be seen in several pictures you have posted on your web site. One with a weather balloon at Kapingamaragi and the other he is third from the right on the bottom row Rongerick 1956. I am sorry say he passed away in 1974 from cancer. I sent a copy of his obituary to your web site but I see from your notice you were having trouble with e-mails I was very excited to find the pictures and thank you for posting them. My brother and I were very young while dad was stationed at Tinker so to learn about his time there was very interesting. Thank you so much for this piece of history and your service. Judy Wilson

Robert DuVall - 4 February 2013

I was talking with a friend about our military days when  he mentioned that his Navy group has a website. I decided to see if there was anything about the 6th Weather Squadron at Tinker AFB. I was astonished when I found so much information about the outfit and was not aware as to how long it had been in service. While skimming through various articles I read your story and was shocked when I realized that we had many things in common.  I was stationed at Tinker between 61-63, not sure of the dates. I was also included in the Operation Dominic Project but on Christmas Island. That was an interesting project, it was like living in another world. What really got to me was your trip to Cape Cod project with the MITRE Corp. and your trouble with the truck on the way there. I was also on that project as one of the weathermen. I remember Sgt Callicut as the head Sgt on that project. You also mentioned Bongo Bongiovanni being stationed at Tinker AFB. Bongo was one of a kind, had lots of laughs because of him. Finding all this information is interesting, never knew it existed and brings back many good memories. As I am writing this letter I am also filling out my membership application. Thanks again for your article.Robert DuVall

Billy Pruett -16 January 2011

Great site.  I served with Fred Nitchie from Jan '82 until July '85.  We worked with Chief Larry Scoggins, MSgt Sam Simmons, Jimmy Tynes, Dave Beets, A.J. Sandbothe, and many others whose names unfortunately escape me at the moment.  Easily some of the best times of my Air Force Career.  I also have some old pics I could forward.  Most of these are from BAMM projects at Roswell and Corpus; as well as some from Europe. Fair skies and following winds, Billy D. Pruett, MD, Col (s), USAF, MC , SFS, RAM '12

Ron Wavrin - 23 September 2010

My name is Ron Wavrin and I was in the 2060th Mobile from May 1950 to Feb 1956, later the 6th. Mobile. Went on Project Cannonball to White Sands N. Mex in July 50  and then to Castle AFB in Calif. in nov 50.  Went to Nev testsite in July 51 with Bill Throgmorton, Red Brow, and Capt. Bogavitch was in charge. Went on special assignment to Recife, Brazil in Mar. 1953 with Russ Bergen and G. Voneski, and WO Bob Ridenour. I was in Brazil for nearly 3 yrs. I went thru radiosonde school with member Ken Zinke. Saw his picture on the website. Also read obits on Ridenour, Eugene Patin, Jackie Vanmetre , I worked with all. Was married in Tinker base chapel and my oldest son was born in the base hospital. Ron Wavrin

Gilala Dunning - 10 June 2010

Hi, My name is Gilala Dunning!  I was born in Kapingamarangi! And moved to Nukuoro when I was 4 years old!  Got married when I was 21 years old! Came to America with my husband when I was 23 years old! So I was looking for some of Kapingamarangi’s history. Then found your wonderful site. So learned a lot of what you had wrote in your website.

Harold R. Wainscott - 24 March 2010

Hi, My name is Harold Wainscott. I just found your site. For several years I had a site called The Wetokian. Keith Whittle kept it up and going for many of us from IVY MIKE days (1952). He took it down a couple years ago. I was also on Eniwetok during HARDTACK (1958). Involved with one of the first attempts to forecast tropical weather using computer modeling. Witnessed all of the test shots in and around the atoll and some at Bikini. Enjoy your site. Thanks, Harold R. Wainscott 

LeRoy Haske - 1 February 2010

My name is LeRoy Haske and I want to tell you how thrilled and excited I was to find your excellent website. For over 50 years I have been reminiscing about my experiences while working at the Pacific Proving Grounds atomic bomb test site in 1956 qnd 1957, but I never had much information and no pictures to fulfill my thoughts. Now I have. I was a civilian employee stationed on Parry Island adjacent to Eniwetok working for the company that provided the construction support at the bomb sites and the facilities for the Air Force weather stations. During Operation Redwing my duties as a mechanic were to assist the maintenance personnel at the stations with the maintenance and repair of the electric generating units. During that time I made numerous trips to each of the stations on Kusaie [Kosrae], Rongerik, Kapingamarangi and Tarawa. Many times I traveled with Lt. Col Pusin [then Major Pusin I believe]  and he arranged my flights with the flight crews. Most of the trips were one or two days in length but I did get to stay for a week on Tarawa to repair a unit and on Kusaie for a week while the station medic treated an ear infection that I developed. He didn't want to fly me out and I am grateful for his decision. I had never been associated with Air Force personnel before but I was familiar with military living conditions. Barracks, mess halls, latrines, etc having spent three and one half years in the 95th Infantry Division in World War II including a year overseas during the fighting in France and Germany, and I want to say that the friendliness and hospitality shown by the station crews were greatly appreciated. I know this is a little late, but I want to thank the station crews, the website and anyone else I met during this time of my life for another memorable experience. I am sorry to say that I do not remember the names and faces of people I met, probably many who are no longer with us, but at the age of 88, I guess that's normal. LeRoy Haske

Thomas Rule - 15 February 2010

CMsgt Thomas Rule (Ret 1969) - Damn - has it been that long - Went to Tinker first in 1947 for weather school - returned in 1950 with maintenance SOS - after that many years on sites stateside and Pacific tests - was Operation Sergeant many years with Major Powell as Operations Officer and Col Barney as CO.  Participated in "Tornado Alley" from its inception. WO Gann, Ridenour and McKinder promoted to WO1 from TSgt status. Had a great career but nothing equaled my many jobs, etc. with 6th Weather.  We were all young.  Moving around was an adventure.  Tarawa, Eniwetok, Guam. Ponapei, etc etc etc.  All over the US.  Ended my service at Scott with Hq, Air Weather Service. I recently celebrated my 80th.  Any of you old farts I knew still around? Our equipment maintenance was W3 Bob Ridenour (formerly TSgt before Warrant status).  TSgt George Rainville was NCOIC for a good many years.  Col Pusin was a Lt Col.  We lent him our freezer when I was on project (atomic in Pacific).  Wife spent a goodly amount of time by herself.  I did take her to a small town of Baker, Calif during the Nevada tests.  Temperatures were above 110 during the day.  I don't think she will ever forgive me.  We were there around 6 months.  With GMD and associated equipment.  I was a recently promoted TSgt at the time. About the only travel is in response to hunger or medical requirements.  Closest town of any size is Terre Haute, Ind.  Doubt if Oklahoma could be reached by auto.  Who knows though. I did see my picture with the support group during another 6 month project in the Pacific.  I was unable to identify the young guy.  Wife confirms that it was I during our younger years.  Believe it was on Eniwetok. Those were the days.We still had dreams of things to come.  Now we dream of those things that have happened. Your site had me & Momma looking through site pictures from atomic testing in the Pacific.  This was in early 1950.  We were on a Loran (Coast Guard) site on Bikati Island (Gilbert Islands).  How we got there and what we did and how we did it is almost an impossibility.  All of the names escape me but living with the US Navy on LST 259 for 3 months was something else.  I was awarded an honorary 3d class Boatswain rating.  I even wore the insignia on my one piece fatigues.  Could go on with the story but won't. I have noted several names in your Obit of career men.  I saw a lot of guys come and go in my asgmt to 2060th & the 6th.  I can, today, see Don Garnett sitting at his desk typing Special Orders for some to go on project - promotions, etc.  He even typed orders for his promotion to TSgt. Col Barney enjoyed watching him discovering his name on the promotion list. Will leave you with an observation about Col Barney (who should have been Brigadier General of Air Weather Service). When I was Operations Sgt he came to my desk and said "I see 2 and 1/2 ton vehicles and jeeps, etc that are filthy and lack proper attention.  So - I want all gas cans painted red so people will know who the vehicles belong to".  I called and talked to the WO in charge of the Motor Pool (his name escapes me) and passed the order on.  He thought I was nuts. About an hour later the Colonel came back and asked if the painting had begun. "Yes sir" I replied.  Then he took off to the motor pool.  The WO knew "the old man" was not much of a jester and he had gone to the BX and gotten a can of light red and dark red and painted a can using the two basic colors.  Col Barney told him he preferred the "dark" red and would have an 0630 inspection of the fleet of vehicles the next morning.  Almost end of story.  All of the troops at the pool, any person in the offices, and many weather men spent that night painting those ******* cans. Next morning he (Barney) walked around every vehicle - said nothing - got in his jeep and asked the WO "how come you missed my jeep?"  Get the Colonel a red can - now.  He drove away.  Hell - most of us would have tried to paint the whole damn vehicle IF he had wanted it that way.  He was a great Commander.  Those before him and after were in his dust.  I might add that red cans continued on our clean and waxed vehicles including the first 5 ton van manufactured at Douglas aircraft at Tinker.  Those were the days or have I already said that? Thanks again for your efforts.  Tom Rule

Robert Angell - 10 January 2010

I just found this website this morning. As a member of the 6th  Weather Sq. from 1950-'53, I was surprised and delighted that this  association exists. The 6th Weather Sq. provided all the upper air  weather for all the nuclear tests at Yucca and Frenchman's Flats from  1950 - '53 and the Eniwetok nuclear test during the same years. I do  not find any mention of these on the website and the Nevada tests on  the site are overprinted on previous text so it is not readable. I  hope this can be fixed. I will send in my membership application this weekend and try to find some photos but they are very rare because cameras were not allowed. Seemed strange to us because the press was allowed in on one of the  tests and photographed everything except the interior of he control  point which included the weather station. I was in turn, a weather observer, rawinsonde operator, and weather equipment technician. I joined my unit at Tinker in early summer,  1950, and soon we were on our way to Nevada where I spent the rest  of the Korean War hanks to a "Q" clearance. Is there anyone in the group from that period?  Robert Angell

Francis Flesch - 10 January 2010

Was looking at the pictures in your 2009 reunion and see a couple familiar names – Fred Cummings who I was stationed with at Elmendorf AFB back in 73-76, and also Ken Brown who I believe was stationed at Castle AFB back in77-78 period.  The name Charles Hewitt is familiar also, might have known him either from Beale AFB back in the mid 60’s or Duluth IA in the late 60’s.  Tell Ken Brown to drop an email to me, okay.  Fran Flesch

Fred Nitchie - 1 September 2009

Wow, great site!  I served with 6th Wea Sq. Mob from Jan 82 thru to the move to Hulburt Field Fla. (Ft Walton beach) in 85.    Served many a season with Les Showell then with NSSL, Sad to see some former members have passed especially Roger Black and Mr Beauchamp,  they were my first introduction into meteorology when I arrived.  Now that I look back on it some of the best times in my life were spent serving some 505 TDY days as a member of 6th Wea. Sq.  I should be able to add to your pictorial collection in the future, but for now.. Fair Skies and Following Winds. Fred Nitchie

Alen V. "Vic" Voorhees, Jr. - 10 April 2009

Greetings to All - and Replying to Ron Guglielmino: What a great big rush to find this site.  I too, was in the 6th Mob.  My experience pretty much paralleled that of Ron Guglielmino except that mine lasted from early 1965 through 1969.  I also, was in that first class of Rocketsonders beginning in 1965 under the godfather of rocketsonde, Ernie Fisher.  Much of my early, formative years in the USAF were due to Ernie Fisher.  His determination that I would go to Greenland was why I never made it to SEA.  I even had orders to go to Thailand with two great friends - Sam Simmons and Ken Friesen.  They went and I didn't and for whatever reason we were never as close again when they came back to 6th WS.  I swear guys, I had no control over the situation. But my recollection of a true mentor is of TSgt Archie Luck.  He led me, and others on missions to Thule (be nice to the ice!) and to Ft Sherman, Panama Canal Zone.  I was never quite sure of the global mission at Thule.  But in Panama we were part of joint operations (with the Army) shooting those 4 inch solid fuel Arcas rockets from an old artillery site.  If memory serves there was talk of a sea level canal to take the place of the original. The story was, it was to have been dug using nuclear blasts across the isthmus.  I guess it never came to pass. One of the best years of my service career and probably in my life was the year I spent at Eniwetok Atoll (1968-1969) in support of the ICBM shots out of Vandenberg.  Great memories of Japanese fishing ball searches, snorkeling for killer clams among sharks, mountainball tourneys, watching movies outside in the rain, mysteriously showing up at the passenger terminal whenever the "Freedom Bird" would show up with women onboard because of bad weather at Johnson Island.  Great times.  I think we shot Arcas and Loki rockets there.  One even got lodged to the launch tube and we had to  - hmmm... I actually don't remember what we did.  But it was a horrifying feeling. I still have my pocket rocket and the senior one, as well. I was also on a short term trip to Victoria, Texas.  We released balloons, as I recall to measure only wind.  The idea being that depending on what our data showed jet aircraft would fly by and dump some kind of dust that would collect on a network of some sort of rotor devices attached to fence posts.  I think the dust was supposed to be equivalent to fallout.  But what I remember most was that we would attach red wind balloons with lighting devices inside and send them up several hundred feet on tether lines just about dusk.  I believe there were rumors of UFOs from some local citizens. I left the MOB in Dec 1969 for life as a Hurricane Hunter with the 53rd Wea Recon Sq, Ramey AFB, PR.  We left there in mid 1973 and shortly thereafter I was commissioned as 1st Lt and retired 11/01/1984.  My memories and experiences of life in that Tinker based mobile environment have served me well over the years..  Best of everything to all. Best regards, Vic Voorhees

Ronald Guglielmino - 31 December 2008

I am just overwhelmed by your site!  I was in the Mob from 1/65-4/68 and was priviledged to be one of the first assigned to the Rocketsonde section.  Stumbled onto your site while cleaning up my hard disk over the holidays.  Our senior enlisted was CMGST Ernest Fisher, the man responsible for our section's existence.  A real articulate leader!  He knew Generals at the AWS (and probably the Pentagon). I also remember CMGST Bob Epps who wasn't on the Rocketsonde unit but provided us a lot of leadership at the squadron level, and was a great guy.  MSGT Earl Barker, MGST Tony Luck and TSGT Dick Hathaway were also part of our unit leadership.  Haven't looked at the site thoroughly but had to communicate with you on the great job you've done. I was the lead Ballistician on the first Rocketsonde deployment with Fisher to Thule, Greenland in Spring '65. Also launched in Panama, Canal Zone in support of the President's Interoceanic Canal Commission (to see if we could widen the Canal with a series of small nuclear devices), at Vandenberg AFB, Calif. in support of a new series of weather rockets, at Eglin AFB, Fla. on several occasions to support Gemini launches at the Cape and Gulf test range rocket launches, at Colorado Springs (to brief NORAD and the 4th Wx Wing on Rocketsonde), and best of all, to a small coastal town 20 miles south of San Francisco in summer + fall of '67 (the summer of Love), to set up a new launch site at a government radar facility. Oh, my, the memories of that!!!! I was among the first 6th Wx Rocketsonde group to be awarded the AF Missile Badge, and was fortunate to be the first in our unit to participate in 100 launches. I still have a copy of the order awarding several of us that Missile Badge. And I'll forever be grateful to Ernie Fisher for arranging that and for getting my Viet Nam TDY and Korea PCS transfer orders cancelled.  Wherever you are, Ernie, God Bless! I'm now in Kansas City and haven't traveled to OKC for several years, but plan on attending the next reunion if possible. Sincerely, Ronald Guglielmino    P.S.  Do the Delwood Apts. in Del City still exist?

Alex Finta - 27 Dec 2008

My name is Alex Finta who worked with then Major Tom Utley who was your commander in 1987. Anyone know his whereabouts? Thanks

Richard L. Mitchell - 11 November 2008

Great looking web site. An old buddy, Joe Kerwin (Newfie) sent me a posting from Elizabeth Haynes with this web site on it. I gave it a try and the colors gave me jolt. I was in the Mob from July 1957 through July 1960. I spent all that time in Sferics, TDY most of the time out with the Radiosonde guys. Time spent on the South 40 and Abilene Tx, Scott AFB, Fort Chaffee Ark, Waverly Iowa, and Goodland Ks. Thanks for the memories.

Dan Washuk - 06 Dec 2007

Greetings from Tucson, AZ, I was in the 6th weather squadron from 1972 through 1975. Stationed at Tinker AFB. I was a weather equipment repairman and worked mostly on the GMD one's and two's. I stumbled upon this web site one day and was surprised to see my old friend Larry Flohaug's name. It's been a long time Larry, hope you are doing well...........Dan Washuk

Stephen B. Gladish - 07 Jul 2007

Great job, Gerry!
What a fantastic array of pictures from the 2007 Reunion. That's the best ever--such a satisfying way to remember this reunion. All Best to Gerry, and the whole Sixth Weather Squadron. We loved visiting with you and catching up on the important things: each other.
Betsy and Steve Gladish
Tony Cooke - 22 Jun 2007
Hi there Gerry, Just found your site via 6thhweathermobile.org. I was on Malden Island in April 1958 during the UK operation 'Grapple Y' H-bomb test but didn't have a camera. I beat you to Malden Island by 4 years - I was a Radio Sonde meteorologist there in April 1958 for the United Kingdom's "Operation Grapple Y" H-bomb test. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera and in building my website I have had to "cobble together" some pictures to represent the island. I never thought that I could actually find any. All that I have which is genuinely Malden Island are the shells which I brought back (thankfully). It looks like you used the same slightly inland fissure in the coral for swimming that we did as the beach was too dangerous, and did the same fishing off the beach!
Larry D. Flohaug - 05 Jun 2007

I've always considered the five years ('72-'76) that I spent with the 6th Mob to be the best years of my career (certainly the most interesting TDYs!!).  I'm glad someone has put this group together so that all those past "adventures" won't be forgotten.  It saddened me to find several familiar names on the Final Launch page.  I won't be making this reunion, but hopefully the next one.  My membership check is "in the mail"!  How come nobody mentions the GMD-4s????
Chester W. Brown - 25 May 2007

Former M/Sgt Air Weather Service 1945 to 1954, Hq Command Wiesbaden Germany l946 to l949 (39 months continuous and duration of Berlin Airlift) Wright Patterson, Tinker, and Hq Command AWS Andrews AFB 1950 to 1954.  Your web page is great.
Brian Connolly - 15 May 2007

I served with the 6th from spring 1962 until Feb 1964 and have recently joined the Association. I went on 2 projects during my stay with the 6th and also worked in the RAVU unit.  The 1st project was to New Guinea where we stayed at Buka Island in the Bouganville Islands and Kiriwina in the Trobriand Islands. The 2nd project was at Edwards AFB where we supported a project run by MIT (testing beryllium fired rockets).
Jonathan - 12 May 2007

Hello, I stumbled across your page last night while looking up some information on the Nevada test sites, and I found on your page, written by Mr. Alfonso, a section mentioning my great uncle Edward Shaw...  I found it  fascinating to learn that the Yucca Flat station was one of the most important sections involved with those tests...  Glad to see a piece of history like that, and especially to see a mention of my great uncle, who loves to talk about the good old days...  Though it is unfortunate that he is in the hospital right now, suffering from peripheral neuropathy.  Thanks for the information, I found it absolutely fascinating!
Les Showell - 25 Apr 2007

Member 6th Wx Sq  Nov 58 to Sept 59. Played on softball teams 56, 57,  worked at NWS OKC from Jan 1960 to Oct 1966.  From 1966 to Jan 1993 worked at NSSL Norman. Directed Spring Upper Air programs for NSSL using military sounding systems which mostly was 6th Wx Sq. Made lots of friends thru the years, am trying to find an address for P.J. Lewis can you help? The Web Site is great I will try and get some photo of NSSL spring  programs that show 6th Wx Sq if you are interested.

Ray Keesler - 18 Apr 2007

I was stationed at Grand Bahama Aux AFB in 1953-54. I was a member of the 6th Wea. Sqdn attached there. We did weather runs for the missile shoots from the cape. Any news on what ever happened to Grand Bahama AFB?...Ray P. Keesler S/Sgt, USAF....1950-54

Robert A. D'Alfonso - 18 Apr 2007

I recently joined the association. To my astonishment , the first newsletter I received listed 4 new members the first 2 of which were myself and John Addesa. I've been searching for john for the past year unsuccessfully. We served together along with a close buddy Joe Delraso, until June 1960. Finally, thanks to the assoc., we made contact together again. I served in operation Plumbob in Nevada, 1957, and operation Hardtack in the Pacific, 1958, on the island of Kusae, as well as Enewetok. Would love to hear from old 6th Weather friends.

Jerry Williams - 23 Mar 2007

AST 7/Cayuga County Joys 
Gene, thanks for your comments. I didn't get to know many of you photo mappers or hiran people, but indeed, we were on the same LST. I remember our overnight in Rabaul, where we had too much to drink and wound up going home with an Aussie patrol officer whose wife wanted to meet some crazy Americans. Guay has put up a great 6th Wea. website. The one Hiran guy I remember from his radio shouting was Baber (of Babar) who seemed to keep track of everyone at radio check ins, sking what we were eating etc. I remember when he came off the helicopter with a busy beard, no haircut for months and had a bid machete or cane knife in his hand. The sailors all scrambled! As I recall, he had a droopy eyelid  which made him look even wilder. My crew was Dave Weiner and Jim Parr. I remember the guy who came off Kapingamaringi and was literally crying because he wanted to stay. He was weaving mats on the LST. I wound up going to forecaster school shortly after returning, came down with malaria after my 90 day follow up dosage gave out, the wound up in Texas (Webb) then on to Eielson AFB, AK then Offutt Global Weather Central. I retired in June of 1974. Good to hear from you!

Gene Young - 23 Mar 2007

Love the site. From your comments I believe we may have been on the same LST right after the typhoon of 1962, her name was Karen I think. I was at Anderson Field on Guam when Karen was approaching and flew out on a C54 to Rabaul. After unloading we returned to Guam and, picked up what was left and boarded the LST at the navy base there. We crossed the equator near Kapingamaringi and went through initiation there. If I remember correctly, we off loaded in Rabaul. When we left Rabaul I ended up on Manus Island with a guy from Greenwood, Mississippi. If you were on this same boat.....this is unreal.  I tell my kids about these times and they just cannot believe! After my tour was over I rotated back to Georgia, then returned to Guam again. This time I ended up in Australia at an aboriginal reservation on the Gulf of Carpenteria. I was based at Turner Air Force Base during this time. I was transferred out in September 1964 to Keesler AFB where I finished out my career.
Stephen B. Gladish - 18 Feb 2007

Thanks for a superb website. Gerry, Mel Turnbow and I were talking a couple days ago. I hope you can get in touch with him. Your Oklahoma City Memorial buddy, Steve
Bill Swanson - 08 Feb 2007

Hey, does anybody remember me?  I was a "mobster" from 1961 to 1964.  Great web site!  I was looking for a few familiar faces but none of you look like I remember you looking.  I worked with Carl Bishop, Tom Rivers, Gerry Guay, and Bonjo on a few projects. Great times, great friends, and the organization I remember the most from my active duty days.   "Hammer" and I go back to my 3rd Weather Wing days. Finally, ending my 44th year of association with AF Weather. Anyway, just thought I would say "hi" and hopefully will see some of you soon.
Sherry Moore Eggleston - 30 Jan 2007

My father, Robert Allen Moore, age 62, passed away on January 9, 2007.  He was a member of the 6th Weather Squadron stationed at Tinker AFB, OK from 62-66, and he went TDY and did some tests in the desert in California.  He was diagnosed with kidney disease and diabetes several years ago, and was on dialysis for 8 years before he died.  I wish we had found out about this association before he passed, he would have loved to look at the pictures and memorabilia.  Please add his name to your final launch page.  If you need any other info I'd be glad to send it to you.  He was an avid coin collector, so I might like to order one of your commemorative coins, if possible. Thank you.
Dave Weiner - 21 Jan 2007

Gerry, You've done a SUPER job with this site.  I promise to get some pics and narrative from our projects in the 60's to you before the reunion.
I plan to attend this year with both of my sons.  They're old enough now to hear the stories! Dave
Don Nissen, SMSgt Ret - 19 Jan 2007

If you served in the 6th, come on and join us.  I did.
John Addesa -13 Jan 2007

I served with 6th Weather from 1956 to 1960. I just happened on this web site. We were a close knit fellowship. I served on Operation Plumb bob at the Atomic bomb site in Nevada and Operation Hard Tack in the Pacific on an island called Ujalang, as well as Enewetok. I would like to get in touch with others who served with us there.
Carl L. Phipps - 04 Jan 2007

Happy New Year from the Phipps clan.
Greg Engel - 08 Nov 2006

Hello! I am a science teacher at Alma Middle School and I teach a unit on weather. I was surfing and ran across your site. Great stuff! This brings me to the crux of my note. I wear a lab coat that I decorate with cryptic information and patches. These tend to generate interest in the unit on the part of the students. Is there any way I could get a hold of a patch? Thank you! Greg Engel
James L Shilling - 05 Sep 2006

 I was stationed at "FURSTY" in 1945/1946 and it was then a repo/depo and a fine base, I revisited it in1998 and it had been turned back to the New German Airforce.
Sabrina Roberts (Dees) 30 Aug 2006

Hi! I was hoping I might be able to find some one who was stationed in Furstenfledbruck, Germany in 1956. I was born in 1956 and was wanting some pictures during that time. My Dad was in the Air Forces and at the present time he doesn't have much longer to live. He is dying of cancer. I have been working on a scrapbook in his memory and wanted to add pictures of places he had been stationed at during certain times. He was stationed at Fort Ord, California in 1954, that where my oldest brother was born. me in 1956. my younger brother was born in 1962 in Misawa, Japan and my younger sister was born in 1964 in San Antonio, Texas at Lackland A.F.B. any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Sabrina
Gordon & Barbara McCann - 24 Jun 2006

Gerry....Very professional looking website and user friendly. I know it must be a lot work. Thanks. In our third year, we are still moving about this wonderful country in our RV. We are  enjoying all the sights , foods and visiting with "new" and old friends along life's highway. Beware, we may be in your neighborhood someday! Just remember that all who wander are not lost. Still Willing and Able...Gordon & Barbara McCann
Bob Edwards - 11 Jun 2006

Congratulations, nice site. I'm an ex-member of the 18th Weather Sqdn, 1950-1954. The 18th was the weather support for the 8th and 9th Air Forces in England during WW II. I was stationed at Furstenfeldbruck, Germany 1951, detachment 18-14, then at Bordeaux, France 1951-1954 with detachment 18-16. Served as Chief Observer and Station Chief, 1953-1954. Bob Edwards
A/1C Leo Cigale - 23 May 2006

Served with the 6th Mobile during 1953 to 1957 as a radiosonde operater. Stationed at Tinker AFB Oklahoma.
Billy Davis - 21 May 2006

Outstanding web site!! Keep up the good work. Am ex reconer who missed assignment to mobile weather in 1957.
David K. Wright - 17 May 2006

I was an Airman First Class in the 8th from August 1955 to August 1956.  I first worked in the Upper Air Checking Section, and then Mobile Weather.
Don Nissen - 11 Apr 2006

Site is looking good. Hope to see all of you at the next reunion

John Lassiter - 18 Feb 2006

Hi Gerry, the web site is great. You've done an outstanding job. I don't have the password for "members only". I hope I'm a member. Plese send to me and thanks! John Lassiter

Wesley Keifer - 11 Feb 2006

Often wondered what Happened to 2060th MWS - stumbled on you site while cruising the net. Was a member of the 2060th MWS for 12-31-1998 to Jult 1951.. Sit is great - brought back memories, By the way, I was a "weather observer - MOS 25521 - I think)

Chuck Miller - 03 Feb 2006

Gerry, Thanks for constructing this web site, and in such a short timeframe. Your creativity shines through in the way you put the site together. All our members should be very proud of our site as am I. You exceeded all my expectations on this project and I salute you for a magnificent job well done. For lack of a stronger word to express our gratitude, I simply say THANKS!

George Boisvert - 08 Jan 2006

Hi Gerry, Great site!

Tom Rivers - 18 Dec 2005

Hey, Gerry! What a fantastic job you've done! I love the website. I've just spent the past hour plus browsing. I'm so glad we had that chat at the reunion about this, and that you were 'willing and able' to do it. You are obviously the right one for the job! Thanks so much, and God bless... Tom

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