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The 6th Dimension

Here are the 6th Weather Squadron Newsletters "The 6th Dimension" is in both MS Word format and in HTML format (does not require viewer) from Volume 1, Issue 1, published August 1 2003 by Chuck Miller until present. If you don't have MS Word on your computer, you can download the MS Word Viewer below.

NOTE: As of Spring 2012 the newsletter will be available only in Adobe PDF format.

Click here to download Microsoft Word Viewer to view .doc files

Click here to download Adobe Reader for PDF files.

Newsletters below:

Newsletter November  2017 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter April  2017 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter October 2016 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter April 2016 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter January 2016 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter April 2015 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter January 2015 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter July 2014 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter April 2013 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter Winter 2012-13.pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter Spring 2012 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

Newsletter May 2011 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter May 2011 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter Aug 2010 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter Aug 2010 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter Dec 2009 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter Dec 2009 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter Apr 2009 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter Apr 2009 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter Dec 2008 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter Dec 2008 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter Aug 2008 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter Aug 2008 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter May 2007 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter May 2007 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter Feb 2007 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter Feb 2007 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter May 2006 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter May 2006 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter August 2005 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter August 2005 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter December 2004 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter December 2004 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter January 2004 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter January 2004 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter August 2003 .doc (MS Word)

Newsletter August 2003 .htm (HTML)

Newsletter June 1997 .pdf (Adobe PDF)

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