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Good Ole Days

Oh, the Good Ole Days!

Remember those days? Was the balloon filled with hydrogen or helium, did you work in a 6-By or a Jamesway, did you use a GMD-1, 2, a TMQ-5 Recorder, Control Recorder, an AMT-4 radiosonde, sferics, theodolite, wiresonde? Did you work in the Orderly Room, RAVU, South-40, in Equipment Maintenance, Supply, Editing, or Motor Pool?

In this area we will try to bring you back in time with some stories, tales, memoirs, pictures... whatever our members have to contribute to reminiscing the past and help us to remember the Good Ole Days at 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) and wherever else in the world we traveled to in completion of our mission, Tornado Alley, South Pacific, Western Pacific, Alaska, Cape Cod, Ethiopia, and so many more places.

As we, the 6WSAA members, build our website, we need to put our stories in an e-mail or document, or if that is not available then write it out and mail it to me and I'll type it in so everyone can share your recollections on these web pages. That goes for pictures also. Scan them into your computer, or somehow e-mail them to me with your name and a description of the photo. If you don't have a scanner for your old photos you can mail them to me and I can scan them and return them to you.

The E-mail address is: Webmaster@6thWeatherMobile.org  If you need my home address to mail the items to, then E-mail me and I will E-mail it to you.

Click below to go to the "Photo & Stories"

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Send mail to Webmaster@6thWeatherMobile.org with questions or comments about this web site.
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