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Association News

Association news, happenings, updates and web site changes are posted here!

What's New at 6th Weather.....   Release!

  • 6WSAA Member List - August 2017 - Posted the new membership list as of August 26, 2017 on the Member's Only site.

  • 6WSAA Membership Form - June, 2016 - Posted the new abbreviated PDF Membership Form on the membership Page.

  • April 2017 Newsletter - April 2017 - The 6th Dimension Newsletter was printed and mailed and e-mailed to all members.

  • April 2017 Newsletter - August 2017 - Posted newsletter on the website.

Member News of 6th Weather Squadron Alumni Association

Have something important to convey to other members? E-mail it to me at Webmaster@6thWeatherMobile.org and I will post it here.

Reading our own member & author's books - Feb 18 - Stephen Gladish is our own 6th Weather Squadron writer, author who has published his first novel Moonlight, Missiles, & Moana and is preparing to release his second and third soon. Lets support him as he writes about the adventures of a couple 6th Weather troops in the Pacific, and the Nevada test site. Thank You,  6WSAA Webmaster. Go to Stephen Gladish page.




Mustang Fever, Run Free With Wild Mustangs, second novel of adventure and romance in the trilogy. This time the heroine is not a Polynesian princess, who sings and dances and wishes she could have been a Christian disciple, but a brave and brilliant Southern Paiute Indian woman, a mustanger who rides and rescues, and wishes she could have been Sarah Winnemucca.




A note from Steven Gladish:

Everybody who’s read Mustang Fever is excited about the newest adventure in the trilogy. Order a book; enjoy; write a review. And if you are not satisfied, send me the copy and I will personally send you a refund. Native American culture is on the top of many agents’ and publishers’ lists. Wild Mustangs always captivate American audiences. And we dedicate this novel of adventure and romance to all American warriors--Native American warriors, and all us transplanted European warriors—when wounded, we all bleed American.You will enjoy this story!

Stephen B. Gladish , Author - Educator






Other News of Interest 

Reading about Meteorology - All 6th Mobbers...If you like to read and enjoy reading books about meteorology...this might be of interest.  .Ted Lungwitz

The late Col Jack Sharp's book, "Cold Fronts," with a preface by Brig Gen Al Kaehn, tells the story of Jack's life in AWS during the Cold War, retiring in 1974. It is on the web at the Air Weather Reconnaissance Association website at http://www.awra.us/coldfronts/cf_toc.html .

Note from Webmaster: Ted tells me that the book was never published but I have downloaded and printed 2 copies of it, 156 pages of 8.5 X 11", and placed it in a 3 ring binder for reading by our members. Just let me know if you're interested in reading it and I will ship you a copy. All you have to do is return it when you're done. Questions? E-mail me at Webmaster@6thWeatherMobile.org.

Air Force BMT Flight Photo Project - The Air Force is trying to capture BMT Flight Photos over the past 60 years, and members of the 6th WX might be a good source for some of these, and would like to participate.  I went to the website and they have a pretty good start, but a long ways to go.  It's an interesting site to browse.  I think this is one of the 60th anniversary projects. Can you pass the information along please?  And if you have photos, send them in.  It really is quite an undertaking, but they are sure giving it a try!  Gordon & Barb
The info piece I was given says:  ATTENTION ALL CURRENT AND FORMER ENLISTED AIR FORCE MEMBERS! The USAF BMT Flight Photo project is back online at
In order for this project to be a success we need your help obtaining BMT flight photos.  If you do not see your flight photo on the website that means we probably have not received it so if you have it PLEASE get it to us.  All BMT Flight Photo Project inquiries can be sent to:
    Info Message Line:  210-671-2248
    Email:  Lacklandbmt.photo@lackland.af.mil
    POC: 37th TRW/HO
             1650 Carswell Ave.
             Lackland AFB, TX  78236-5155


 Website Changes

This website is always undergoing some changes and additions.  Our  web address is 6thWeatherMobile.org. Hope you enjoy the changes, Gerry Guay, Webmaster.

  • Aug 28, 2017 - Many pictures have been posted in the last five years but updates have not been posted here.
  • Jul 5, 2012 - Added pictures from Fanning Island, Ghinnir Ethiopia, Vandenburg and Greely Alaska from Don Hassenbein. Click Here
  • Mar 15, 2012 - Added pictures from Thule AFB Rocketsonde project, from Lee Webb from 1966 - 1967. Click Here
  • Mar 15, 2012 - Added pictures from Tinker AFB area and OK countryside, from Lee Webb from 1966 - 1967. Click Here
  • Mar 14, 2012 - Added pictures from Rocketsonde operations at Eniwetok, Marshal Islands from Lee Webb from 1967. Click Here
  • Mar 6, 2012 - Added newsletters from Operation Dominic from Chester "Chet" Wilcox from 1962. Click Here
  • Mar 3, 2012 - Added pictures from Chanute and Tinker AFBs from Chester "Chet" Wilcox from 1961. Click Here
  • Mar 1, 2012 - Added two pages of pictures on Malden, Palmyra and French Frigate Shoals from Chester "Chet" Wilcox from Operation Dominic 1962. Click Here
  • Sep 6, 2011 - Added two links on the Our Links page. Virtual Tour of the Air Force Museum and the First American Jet Aircraft Flight. Click Here

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