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2016 Reunion Pics

L to R: Ed Skowron, Virginia Bardusch, Ann & Carl Bishop, Eunice & John Lassiter & Gordon McCann(b)

The year was 1983.  I along with many others received a letter from Tom Rivers talking about a reunion in 1985 of us “ex 6th Weather folk”.  My first reaction was “are they kidding”.  A few days later I received a phone call while at work from my old buddy Bill King asking if I had received the letter and are you going?  I replied, “its 2 years away—I don’t know”.  His reply was, “I’m going”.  Well to make a long story short, Bill and I got there a day early, checked in at the Continental Motel and then went to get something to eat.  On the way as we passed the Celebrity Club, Bill spotted Rivers’ truck and the party began.  Back at the motel other “mobers” had arrived and it went on from there.  I can’t say how many of us were at that first reunion, we all met so many old friends and made so many new ones the numbers are meaningless. 

So now some 31 years later we held the last 6WSAA reunion.  Our numbers have dwindled, none of us are kids any longer but the spirit of the “Mob” is still there.  The 6th Weather Squadron Alumni Association will continue on even though we are not planning another reunion but, as the saying goes “never say never”.

On June 8 thru 12, 2016 we came together in Oklahoma City for the “last 6WSAA reunion”.  Bittersweet?  Yes but it has been one hell of a run!  We gathered and we toasted all the friendships that have been made, we acknowledged those who have passed before us, and we shared memories from our past.

Buck Bucklin

The Gathering / Saturday


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