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Getting Ready

Wednesday's Early Arrivals

The early arrivals discuss old times and sign Shirley's quilt

The McCanns and Joe Kerwin review photos

The following pictures are the SCM-1 Van restored by Fred Laperriere

and contents are meteorological instruments he has collected

The restored SCM-1 van arrives from Colorado

Fred LaPerriere drives van off of trailer bed

Old Army Air Corps arm band

Thursday morning van is readied for visitors

Wind sensors are mounted for display

Double theodolite

Vintage Clinometer


WWII Teletype with new cabinets built to original specs

Field phone, mercurial barometer and recording aneroid barometer

SC-1 Sun Compass

Vane Anemometer

Army Air Force Weather service patches

Aneroid wall mounted barometer

Magazine picture showing weather van (Center of left page) on Normandy Beach

Early light transmitter for cloud height determination

WWII Campaign hat

Balloon can from year 1943

Old radio receiver

Old radio transmitter

Chuck, Ted, Mark and Fred fill pibal balloon for van display

Pictures by Gerry Guay

Up Next

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