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“The Original Storm Chasers”




The Next Get Together of 6WSAA Members will be at

the Air Weather Association Reunion to be held at the

Colorado Springs Mariott Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO

on August 1 thru 5, 2018.

Mark Your Calendars!

Pictures of the last 2016 Reunion in OKC.


Who are we?  We were members of the 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile), USAF. Now we are members of the 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Alumni Association, 6WSAA. Find out more about who we are and what are alumni association is. The About Us page will answer your questions and let you know how to contact us.

Association happenings and web site changes?  The 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Alumni Association has important information you need to know. Keep up with our latest news about 6WSAA and our website by checking the Association News page.

History of 6th Weather Squadron?  Check out the history of the 2060th Weather Squadron, our predecessor, and 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) from 1940s to 1991, our devoted Commanders and colorful and historical emblems at the 6WS(Mob)History page.

Historical CDs  Historical artifacts of the 2060th Weather Squadron and the 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile), USAF compiled and cataloged on 18 CDs  for member purchase at the Historical CDs page.  See pictures from the archives by years at Index of Years.

Association Newsletters of 6WSAA  Available for download in Adobe PDF format, older  issues available at The 6th Dimension page.

Become a Member  Find out if you qualify and download the membership application. Were you in the 2060th Weather Squadron or 6th Weather Squadron? The Membership page will give you all the information you need for joining or renewing.

2016 was the Last Reunion  Look here at the Alumni Reunions page for the latest information on the 6WSAA  reunion and downloadable application forms. Alumni members will now get together at the Air Weather Association Reunion which is held every 2 years. 2018 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Reunion Pictures  Here are the 2016 Reunion Pictures, and all of them back to the  2003 Reunion Pictures  for 6WSAA. We have a collection of pictures of the greatest people that ever worked and partied together.

Pictures and Stories  Remember the Good Ole Days with pictures and stories of 6thWeather Squadron (Mobile) people, projects and places. On the Photo_Mapping page, pictures from Vitu Island '62 and Mussau Island and on the USS Cayuga County. Picture and comments on Eniwetok 1957,  from Malden Island, American Samoa, Operation Dominic 1962 and  pictures on Operation Hardtack 1958 on Kusae Island, and Operation Plumbob at Nevada Test Site in 1957 on our Nuclear Tests page.

Member's Page  has pictures, articles, stories or other items about our members since our days at 6th Weather Squadron. Members can post to this page by e-mailing the webmaster what he would like on his page. Please visit at Hey It's Me! We Connect with other web sites of members, weather, U.S. Air Force and similar interests from Our Links page. Sites will open in a new window so you won't loose our site.  We have a  link to the 1370th Photo Mapping Wing and others.

We Remember honor and list the names of our  deceased members on this Final Launch page. An attached Obituaries page is also provided for recently deceased members when available.

Members  can access  the Member List, By-Laws and BOD Meeting Minutes at Members Only with a Login and Password. Need assistance? E-mail the Webmaster for verification and receipt.

Visiting Our Website?  Please sign in on our public Sign In page and let us know how we're doing. Your  input will be posted on the same page.

Looking for Something? Check for  it quick on the Website's easy indexed Site Map.

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