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Photo Mapping '63

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ~ AST-7 ~ 1963 - Pictures by Robert (Bongo) Bongiovanni

Aussies Waiting

Waiting to transport airmen to hotel.

Aye Mates!

Australian Naval Officers greet troops.

Dock at Port Moresby

Naval personnel ready to help.


Pick up of arriving troops.

On To The Hotel

6th Weather troops getting a ride. Mel Turnbow standing at cab.

Pictures by Gerry Guay

Correction to Johnston Island photo below: It is Wake Island and not Johnston Island.

Flight to San Francisco

An American Airlines 707 jet flies us from Tinker over the Sierra Nevadas.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

View of mountains.

Sierra Nevadas

Another view.

San Francisco Bay

Flying into San Francisco International to change planes.

West Over The Pacific

Pratt & Whitney Engines on a United DC-8 to Hawaii, then Guam, then New Guinea.

Johnston Island

Johnston below in the Central Pacific Ocean. June 1963.

Port Moresby Airport

USAF helicopter, Kaman HH-43B in support of photo mapping.1370th PMW transported personnel and supplies to remote sites.


More of Port Moresby Airport where photo mapping flights originated using RB-50s (Converted B-29s).

Kaman HH-43B Helicopter

How about a ride?

Weather Site

Airmen Henthorn (wearing mask) and Swanson at airport weather site.

Posing for Pics

Airmen Swanson and Guay take time for a picture.

GMD-1 Rawinsonde Tracking Unit

My favorite piece of equipment to work on. At airport site.

Dynamic Duo

Guay and his GMD.


Checking the weather.

Sunday Rugby

All the GIs went to the Rugby game on Sunday afternoon. Big happening in town.

Wewak, Papua New Guinea ~ AST-7 ~ 1963 -  Pictures by Gerry Guay

Flight to Wewak

Looking out the window of a C-54 enroute to Wewak on the northern coast.

River Outlet

The North Coast has some spectacular views including this small river emptying into the bay.

White Coral Beach

One of the hundreds of white coral beaches along the northern coast.

More Coast

Another view of coast with peninsulas jutting out into the Pacific.

Dormant Volcano

A dormant volcano snags a cloud with it's pointed high peak.

Over the Interior

Flying over the desolate interior we spotted an abandoned WWII airstrip used by the Japanese.

Ring of Fire

An active volcano along coast releases steam. An active area, we were shaken by a few minor earth tremors during out stay.

Green Velvet Hills

It always looked like a comfortable place of greenish blue velvet hills with pathways atop the ridge.

Almost Wewak

An area just out to the east of Wewak, we're almost there.

On the Ground

CMSgt Morris and SMSgt Thompson exchange greetings with the troops after landing. 9/'63

Home Away From Home

The house we lived in during our stay at Wewak. The landlord was an Englishman who shared his house with us.

Airman Henderson

Taking a walk in the yard. House in background is where the houseboy and his family live. Im e good pella.

Airman Guay

Someone took my picture on the front steps of our house.

Warehouses and Port

Wewak is a busy place and supply point for many interior villages and for the Catholic and Protestant Missions.

Road to Village

Amn Henderson at top of street leading to port and village center.

Protestant Mission

Houses belonging to the missions who do a lot of work in this area.

Catholic Missionary

There were many Catholic and Irish missionaries from the Boston area and Ireland.

Village Road

Road in the higher section of town where we lived and near our site.

Road by Rawin Site

This pic was taken next to our Rawin site.

Another Road

This unpaved road was also next to our Rawin Site and a short walk to our house.

View From Above

Village center is below.

A Turnaround

A Wewak version of Cul-de-sac.

Veteran's Memorial

A WWII Veteran's Memorial in the upper town.

Wewak Coast

Looking SW from upper town.

Wewak Coast

Looking SE from upper town.


Wewak harbor looking west.

Market Place

Natives set up vegetables, fruit and whatever for sale daily.

Shopping District

Many small stores along this street selling a variety of imported goods.

More Shops

Our landlord at right takes a walk for a shopping spree.

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For links to additional picture web pages taken by Doug Wilson click on:  Port Moresby #2  -  Wewak #2

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