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Nuclear Tests '62

Nuclear Tests in the Pacific 1962 ~ "Operation Dominic" ~ JTF-8  ~ Malden and American Samoa Islands

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Malden Island ~ 1962  - Pictures by and comments by Gerry Guay


In the middle of an island, in the middle of an ocean.....

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C-124 on approach to Malden Island

Welcome to Malden sign

Mose III Duke of Malden

Water tower & generator shed

Water tower grabbed the sondes

Camp w chow tent & refridge units

Out limo service truck and jeep

Sgt Jim Fraser at the controls

Wyatt, Doc Kayse and Don Garbut

Dave Weiner at swimming hole

Gerry Guay on diving board

The crew out for a swim

Sunrise at Malden

Operations tent & balloon shed

GMD tracking balloon

Dick Evansizer & Robert Kim

1957th Communications Group

6th Weather & Comm Group Staff

Comm and Holmes & Narver Staff

Operation Dominic Certificate

More Malden Island ~ 1962  - Pictures by and comments by Chester "Chet" Wilcox

C-124 over Christmas Island

C-124 over Malden airstrip

"Old Shakey" making its landing

Safely on the coral airstrip

A happy sight for all w new movies

Delivering mail, steaks and beer

Sgt Benson "Island Commander"

Operations tent and baloon shelter

Water tanks and power shed

Ready for release

Camp at dusk

Home away from home

Malden Hospital Doc Kayse IC

Pacific Super Bowl

Sgt Benson also the ref

Manny Kaapana & John Haiduk

Col Moseley in our swimming hole

Dave Weiner taking a dip

Gerry Guay cooling off

Steve Reeves snorkeling

Chet emptying the Pacific of sharks

Don Garbut & Chet Wilcox

Stretching the shark bigger

Yellow blowfish w spots

Spearing blowfish

Struggling with the shark

Chet is real hungry... goes wild!

Doc Kayse with lunch

Lizzy Garbut took an axe....

What do I do now?

Drinking like a fish

Ed welcomes the shark ashore

Plenty of fish to eat

Throw him back? No way!

Sea urchin

Time to get back home

 American Samoa ~ 1962  - Pictures by and comments by Gordon McCann








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Clifford T. Jones turned native

Native girl

Art Rowan & Willie Williams - Crypto

Note super highway - Art & Gordon

Waterfall high in mountains

Gordon taking a dip

Native boy in Lava Lava with birds

Boys who took us on a trip

Armour Research Foundation's 2 GMDs

Bud Leinbach, Steve Gladish  & Sgt Hicks

100,000 cu.ft. plastic balloon

Operation Fishbowl news article

Art Rowan & Gordon in natural pool

Weather site living area

Mess hall & Kim the assistant cook

Samoa 6th Weather site from airstrip road

Site's jamesway, GMD and inflation shelter

Village on opposite side of island

Another view of village

Chief's fale, near Leone and site

Island Moon Bar - island's better establishment

Pool approx. 15' x 40' x 12'. Can see bottom

Blowhole that fills pool

Rainmaker Mountain

Native Girl

Port of Pago Pago

Longboat races in front of tuna cannery

New conference center

S. Pacific Governor's Conference center

Three Brothers Catholic School for boys

School near weather site

VIPs, Governor and Sec. of Interior Udall

Samoan Policemen

Samoan dancers


Dancers for Flag Day celebration

High Chief giving talk


Typical native in red dress

American and Samoan flags

Village half way up Ana Navie

Village of Leone in cove

Thick vegetation, natives live where smoke is

Crater in center, covered by vegetation

Runways at airport

Tony Landa

Small village on other side of water

Steep road up Ana Navie

Steep incline to top of Ana Navie

Atop of Ana Navie looking west

Looking east toward highest peak

Mountainous coastline

Leone airstrip

Island of Tutuila, American Samoa

Coastline from top of hill


Ship entering Pago Pago Harbor

Eastern end of island

 Samoan grave on cliff


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For links to additional picture web pages taken by Doug Wilson click on:  Port Moresby #2  -  Wewak #2

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