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1949 - Part 1

Operation "Tarheel", Camp Mackall, NC ~ April - May 1949

Purpose: Provide weather information to Task Force Eagle (Defending forces) in a joint Army, Air Force exercise

Teletype installations inside AACS mobile van

Motion Picture Project, Andrews AFB, MD ~ March - April 1949

Purpose: Produce a motion picture showing mission and operation of Air Weather Service

Setting up Mobile "G" and "R" sections for filming

Pathascope Productions of NY filming "Air Weather Service" movie

Filming operations in van

Air Force brass and film crew pause for picture

ARMY Day Display, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD ~ April 1949

Purpose: To display to the public the equipment used by the Armed Forces

2060th personnel display Type "R" section and Type "G" station for the public

Washington Project, Andrews AFB, MD ~ 31 May - 1 Jun 1949

Purpose: Display Mobile Weather Equipment to Aviation Writers of America

Sgt Crowder ready to track weather balloon about to be released

Orienting the theodolite atop the forecasting van

A refuel and refreshment stop enroute

A period of relaxation before business of the day begins

General view of the exposition site at Andrews AFB

The convoy enroute, entering the Pennsylvania Turnpike

A view of the "R" section as seen from the mobile type "GG" station

CPL Parnell computing wind direction and speed aloft

National Soaring Contest, Elmira, NY ~ July 1949

Operational site of Mobile Type "R" Weather section at Chemung County Airport, Elmira, NY

Purpose: To provide upper air data for Weather Bureau forecasts for daily briefing of sailplane pilots

Lt. Wendell Followell on top of a K-53 van taking pictures

Rawinsonde inflation shelter (left) and instrument shelter (right), Navy Grumman F-6-Fs in background

Radio directional antenna, SCR 658 completely assembled and ready for operation

NCOIC S/Sgt Lewis Atkins preparing to make a baseline check prior to rawinsonde observation

Weather support for Ohio Air National Guard at Dover AFB, DE ~ Aug 1949

Purpose: To provide weather service for Ohio Air National Guard maneuvers

PFC Stinchfield taking an observation

PFC Stinchfield slinging psychrometer

Base Operations, Dover AFB, DE

S/Sgt Simms, Detatchment NCOIC

Barograph, wind recorder and teletype machines in weather station

Capt Christopher, NYANG briefing pilots

Capt Ryland, T/Sgt Albright, PANG briefing pilots

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