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6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) activated at Tinker AFB, OK

Shawnee Air Show, Shawnee, OK ~ Jun 1952

Purpose: To provide a Tactical Weather Unit demonstration to the public as part of Public Relations.

6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Exhibit

Observers assemble anemometer atop weather van

SCR-658 exhibit at air show

Operation Tumbler/Snapper, AEC Test site, NV ~ Jun 1952

Purpose: Eight detachments provide weather support for nuclear tests

Detonation Tumbler/Charlie

Det. 30, Tonopah, NV ~ Lg Bldg - Chart & work rooms and inflation space / Sm Bldg - Emergency generator

Det. 32, Currant, NV weather operations site

Special Weather Study, Edwards AFB, CA ~ May - Jun 1952

Purpose: To determine relative accuracy of wind-pressure-height data from double AN/GMD-1 unit tracking single sonde.

Detachment 37 personnel observing data signal at AN/FMQ-1 recorder in van

Det. 37's AN/GMD-1 and K-53 van (colorized by GGuay)

"Tornado Alley" Project, Central US ~ Feb - Sep 1952

Central US ~ Wichita, KS - Russell, KS - Akron, CO - Goodland, KS - Gage, OK - La Junta, CO

Purpose: Provide a sufficient network of upper air stations in a small geographical area to enable the severe Weather Warning Center to conduct necessary studies  and investigations for more accurate tornado and thunderstorm activity forecasts.

Detachment 39 operations location, Wichita AFB, KS

Balloon release at Wichita site

United States Military Academy, Maxwell AFB, AL - Jul - Aug 1952

Purpose: To demonstrate and explain the functions and capabilities of a combines tactical forecasting, rawinsonde and observing unit.

Complete project display

Map display board and forecaster's table

Interior view of observing van showing facsimile and teletype machines

Interior view of package weather station

Interior view of package weather station

Cadets attending lecture by Cpt Louis Snyder, OIC, functions and capabilities of a package weather station

Cadets attending weather lecture

Oklahoma State Fair Display ~ Sep 1952

Fair brochure

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